Monday, October 11, 2010

Baguettes and Paper Balls

This felt like my first real success with bread, even if I've posted success before; it just finally felt less intimidating and more natural this time.  The recipe was so simple and a great base for future experimenting.

1 lbs flour
0.6 lbs water
2 and 1/4 tsp of active yeast (or a packet if prepackaged)
1 tsp salt

I mixed it all in the AKAM and then oiled the ball of dough and let it rise in an oiled bowl.  Then I split it into two loaves and stretched them into rectangles, rolled the rectangles into tubes, and rolled the tubes into skinnier lengths like playdough strings.  They rose again in my baguette tray (a flat pan is fine too) and after an hour long rise, they were ready for 30 minutes in 375 degrees.  I think my oven is cold, as it took me 40 to 45 before they got crusty and sounded hollow.  The slashes I made on the top allowed air to escape and create a nice pattern.

And in the back, the fine final product of my sick-day-paper-mache'-experiment.  

Whatever's In Your Fridge Lasagna

My brother called for advice on lasagna the other day, right after Taste Tester warned me to clean out the fridge, so I got the idea that I could possibly find lasagna ingredients in there.  I had the basics: tomatoes, noodles, mozzarella, parmesan, and tomato sauce.
In the fridge I found baba ghanouj, pecans, rutabagas and okra.  And feta.

And I made a lasagna from it all.  And it was actually good!  The bottom was roasted rutabagas, tomato sauce with chunks of tomatoes and mozz.  Maybe a little parm too.  Then noodles, then baba ghanouj and feta and pecans. 

Noodles.  Tomato sauce,  grilled okra, and mozz and parm.  It even looked pretty at the end.
I only posted this to show that recipes are just concepts on paper, and things can taste great without them.  Also, go leftovers!