Monday, December 26, 2011

Renovation Completed In The Nick of Time

All done for now- minus flooring and some trim, but it certainly feels done. It's huge!

Our Christmas tree came from our front yard. It's a little pathetic but deserving of love too.

I really need to invest in a better camera.

That's a metal bat that my brother welded for me!

Justin and Lacy enjoying the new space

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yep, That's A Room

Since Saturday we've gone from this....

To this! Tonight they should be all done and it will be white. In addition, Rick has promised to score me 4 new dining room chairs that perfectly match our table, and I can begin decorating for Christmas.

Why, you ask, do your dining room chairs not match your table? Well, it's complicated and kind of a long story: I'm cheap.

See, now you understand. I knew you would once I explained. So, won't you stay for dinner? We have decorating to do!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Floor complete, rotten wall coming down

The window was going to move to the right wall here, but since that faces west--we're thinking no window.
 We now have a fly infestation of horror-movie proportions, likely owing to having all windows and doors ajar all of yesterday. After the floors were finished last night, Rick spent an hour bounding around on them trying to find spots not screwed in completely, then crawled on his hands and knees with the drill patching all the places he could "hear" were uneven.  I told the dogs I thought he'd gone 'round bend.

As of last night we agreed that this window, which is moving because we want our TV on that wall, may just be done away with since the wall it would move to a) faces west and b) faces the neighbor's house.  Now in the morning light, I think the room will be awfully dark without a window.  However, we will store it and Mr. Renovation can change his fickle mind later and install it.

Siding to be added here today--board and bat on top, lap board on the bottom, with a shelf separating them. Wish I could paint the brick now but that's for later.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I love my husband

(This man is not my husband.)

(this one is.)

More Renovation Progress...

Electrician came this week and sorted out the rat's nest that previous renovators gifted to us. Today the subfloor goes in, and it should begin to look more like a room. Then the walls!

Got this handsome contractor for the day...and his little helper too. He works for lunch and beer and me finishing his laundry. I'll let you guess which 2 of those he'll actually get.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

He's Kind of A Big Deal

 In only 6 hours, Rick reduced the garage to only its framing and insulation, removing even the ceiling for easier electrical installation. All the paneling and trim came off the walls, then sheet rock, then plywood hiding behind the sheet rock. We even managed to clean up by 4pm.

Among our interesting discoveries: a herd of geckos hiding in a rotted exterior wall (water damage, another discovery we suspected and confirmed), more hay than insulation in the attic (squirrels), and a mummified skeleton entombed in a wall.

Just kidding on the last one.
Wall in mid-destruction

view from the living room
 Today is electrical and framing in the window side wall. The window will move to the caddy corner nearest wall and the exterior door will be removed entirely. In the window's place will be a slight recessed media area where our TV, receiver, and entertainment area will sit. Behind the recessed area, entombed mummy.

My brother is very generously helping provide the electrical expertise, and hopefully the lack of a ceiling will make that easier. My purpose today is to help clean and to cook barbecue for after.  Rick thinks he will complete a sub floor by the end of the day, then our sheet rocker will hopefully be here this week to give us real walls.

Updates: If you see the electrical wires hanging down in the last photo, you have a hint of the mess we found in the attic. Professional electrician to the rescue.  The best part?  The electrician's name is Sarge.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Home Renovation Begins

We're renovating this weekend and next, the culmination of 6 months of talking and planning. Our house has a converted garage that is separated from the living room by a single wall, so that wall will come down today and then the garage floor raised to the living room's level. After electrical, drywall, and moving a window, we should have a single big living room that will now also have a dining room area.

Rick is a pro at this, so I don't doubt we'll be almost done by Christmas (when we're hosting) but we're going to document it here as a way to guilt-trip ourselves if we leave a portion incomplete. Rick's brother renovated his own kitchen a year or more ago and there's still a whole shelf waiting to be finished.

And so: BEFORE
Bye Bye, Wall!

2nd fridge- to be relocated, possibly into a closet. Srsly.

View from laundry to garage, soon to be hidden by a sliding bookshelf.

 And the mess begins...

UPDATE: Just as we get started, cops come to investigate 4 young punks hanging around neighbors' houses that look empty. Yea for resale value!